25 July 2014

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Did you know these random facts about Emsy?

  • I love reading romances, but I'm a bit contrary in my viewpoint at times. What do I mean? Check out the About the Editor page as well as Monday Musings
Are you a contrarian too?
  • When you look in my library you'll see a collection of cookbooks (new, old, and digital) as well as thousands of romance titles (no, I'm not making that up). Combining these two passions, I love to read foodie romances. Don't you? If so, check out Tasty Tuesdays, a new weekly feature. 
What are some of your favorite foodie romance titles? Cookbooks? Recipes? Please share.
  • If you already haven't guessed, I usually can be found with a book (ahem, eReader) in hand - at the dinner table, in line at the grocery store, in bed at night. Yes, that eReader gets plenty of use. I want to share my take on as many of the titles as possible. To do so, I decided to mix it up a bit and offer weekly short take reviews featured on Wicked Wednesdays
Do you prefer short and sweet or longer and a bit more detailed reviews? 
  • Speaking of my library, with every move I've made I've lost a few books. Some I don't miss, but others. Oh, my! What's tragic about some of those that are lost is that they haven't yet been reissued in digital format. That's why each and every week on Throwback Thursdays, I focus on a different author or title that would be great to see in our eReaders. 
What are some of the books you'd like to see digitized?
  • My favorite day is Friday, when I search out free and almost free books for the weekly Feeding Your eReader Friday post. Reading is so important to me personally. Why? Until I was dared by my third grade teacher to finish reading a *real* book, I hadn't really cracked a spine. Nope, I was the tomboy child with skinned knees, challenging and bossing around a gang of boys. Why? Because I was slightly dyslexic. Luckily I was able to manage most things, but reading was always a bit difficult till I was dared. After that, I read not one Nancy Drew title, but the entire 50 plus book series and this bookaholic was born. Worlds open up to a reader through the stories that are shared with us. Imaginations live. So finding interesting titles that everyone can add to their eReader, irregardless of income or budget, is really important to me. 
Why are you passionate about sharing your love of reading? 

While you're visiting, please check out the reviews and author visits. You'll see a variety of authors and titles represented. The only romances I tend not to read and review are: YA, NA, and serial stories (i.e. those super popular multi-book stories). 
What are some of your favorite genres? Authors? Titles? 

On 14 October 2014 Fab Fantasy Fiction will be turning ONE! 
Yes, it's been almost one year since I started this journey with all of you. To celebrate, I'll be posting some fun giveaways in the next few weeks. 
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Congratulations to winner Judy Cauthan!
  • Hot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance Megaset by Sharon Hamilton, Anne Elizabeth, Cat Johnson, Cindy Dees, Cristin Harber, Delilah Devlin, Elle James, Gennita Low, J.M. Madden, Sabrina York, Teresa Reasor, P.T. Michelle
  • Make Mine a Marine by Julie Miller

Saturday, July 26 - PARANORMAL SIZZLER!
Congratulations to winner BN100!
  • Cloaked in Fur by TF Walsh

Congratulations to winner BN100!
  • Finding Mr. Perfect by Peggy Webb
  • Finding Paradise by Peggy Webb

Monday, July 28 - HISTORICAL HUNKS!
Congratulations to winner BN100!
  • Scandalous Summer Nights: A Sexy Historical Romance Box Set by Jennifer Haymore, Sabrina Darby, Vivienne Westlake, Sandy Raven, Sue London, Kate McKinley, Grace Callaway
  • Hearts Out Of Time: 6 Timeless Time Travel Romances by Jennifer Blake, Christina Skye, Theresa Ragan, Dee Davis, Monique Martin

Tuesday, July 29 - TANTALIZING TASTES!
Congratulations to winner Brandi!
  • The Yarn Spinners by Deborah Smith
  • Country Heaven Cookbook by Ava Miles
  • Drawing the Line by Kimberly Kincaid

Wednesday, July 30 - SEXY SUSPENSE!
Congratulations to winner Robin Driscoll!!
  • The Naughty Nine: Where Danger and Passion Collide by Nina Bruhns, Taylor Lee, Julie Leto, Lorhainne Eckhart, Mary Leo, Patricia Mason, Dana Marton, Rita Herron, Karen Fenech, Jill Sanders
  • Crimes of Passion by Denise Grover Swank, Toni Anderson, Jennifer Blake, M A Comley, Terri Reid, Rachel Grant
  • You Don’t Know Jack by Adrianne Lee

Thursday, July 31 - FUN & SEXY SUMMER READS!
Congratulations to winner Tammy Ramey!!!
  • Modern Love by Alicia Hunter Pace, Elley Arden, Rachel Cross, Debra Kayn, Heather Thurmeier, Peggy Bird, Katie Kenyhercz, Jennifer DeCuir, Robyn Neeley, JM Stewart
  • Squeeze Play: A Richmond Rogues Novel by Kate Angell
  • Must Love Pets: A Romance Box Set by Theresa Weir, Barbara Samuel, Dale Mayer, JB Lynn, Zoe Dawson, Edie Ramer, Candace Carrabus

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