07 February 2011

Katharine Kerr ensorcells readers with new Nola O'Grady series

Just released on February 1, License to Ensorcell bespells the reader with Katharine Kerr's spunky Nola O'Grady, her highly dysfunctional yet believable gifted family, and, of course, by her tough guy colleague Ari Nathan. 

O'Grady, who works for a paranormal CIA/FBI-type agency, returns to the city of her birth (San Francisco) and finds herself trying to maintain the middle ground - not letting chaos wreak havoc on humans, dealing with a possible romantic interest after a lifetime of disappointments, and helping her family out. Werewolves find a home in O'Grady's novels, as do psychics, witches, paranormal entities, and tough guys. O'Grady is termed a psychic detective, but her skills include the license to ensorcell and that is a weapon of great caliber as well as a sense of humor, fragility, and intelligence. 

I felt like I was reading a few books into the series at first as Kerr introduces us to O'Grady as a fully-formed heroine - with a complete back story. By halfway through the book, I found myself centered in the world of this paranormal San Francisco and couldn't stop turning the pages - finishing it in an evening and wanting more. For more, read a sample chapter that Kerr has posted on her website.

Very much looking forward to seeing the next installment of Nola O'Grady and her family. Kudos for this new addition to the urban fantasy realm. The author notes her next installment, Water to Burn, will be released in August, 2011. Can't wait!

Psychic Agent Nola O'Grady isn't sure returning to San Francisco, and living near her unusual family, is a good idea. Her job, with a psychic agency so obscure even the CIA doesn't know it exists, can be perilous, and she's afraid of the relatives getting involved. 

Then the Agency saddles her with Israeli secret agent Ari Nathan, and she has a bigger problem on her hands, because tact and compromise are not Ari's strong points. Their mission is to track down a serial killer obsessed with werewolves. He sees them everywhere and shoots whenever he thinks he has one in his sights. Ari assumes the man's psychotic, but in truth he's murdering actual werewolves. Nola should know. Her younger brother Pat, a lycanthrope, was the first victim. 

Can Nola's psychic talents and Ari's skill with guns keep them alive long enough to unravel the greater mystery behind the killings? Can they save the werewolves and the world while stopping Nola's family from running headlong into danger?