09 July 2014

Wicked Wednesday: Selected short takes of five great beach reads for your eReader

Behind the Scenes by Trish Jensen

Bell Bridge Books | ISBN 9781611943856 | $4.99 | Pub Date: Oct. 24, 2013
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Trish Jensen is one of those outstanding authors who’s words just sparkle on the page. Her stories are fast-paced, humorous, and also heart-tugging. It was a great loss when she died last February, but her gift to all of us of her books lives on.

Behind the Scenes is a hilarious novel by Trish Jensen about the vagaries of Hollywood. This behind-the-scenes look at a beauty makeover reality television show, to be hosted the self-effacing Tanya Pierce, who just happens to be the niece of one of the network’s executives. The show’s reluctant producer, AJ, doesn’t want anything to do with this niece and distrusts all women thanks to his greedy ex-wife. But put AJ and Tanya together and all sorts of things start to occur, including a budding reluctant romance. The combination of a fun story with Trish Jensen’s fabulous deft hand at dialogue and humor make this book is a winner! Perfect for your beach-friendly eReader.

Rebel by Skye Jordan

Cygnet Books | ISBN 9780985870133 | $2.99| Pub Date: Dec. 23, 2013
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Skye Jordan's Renegades series is a great entry in the romantic suspense line and it’s steamy hot - and yes, those hunky ex-military stuntmen ROCK. Yes, this series tends to mix a thrilling plot twists with sizzling erotic passages that make an addictive read. I loved the first book in the series, Reckless, and was definitely curious about what happened with supermodel/tech geek Rubi and stunt hunk, Wes. In Reckless, there definitely was an attraction between the two of them, but Wes seemed to be already “taken.” So, it was fun to see some steaming hot interaction between down-home country boy, Wes, and surface sophisticate, Rubi, in Rebel. When Rubi’s uber-wealth father’s desire for a new innovation is added into the dynamic, the steamy scenes escalate to some thrills. Along the way, Skye Jordan (aka Joan Swan) offers a great deal of insight into these two diverse souls. Can Wes who longs for a hearth and home convince relation-phobic Rubi to give it a try? I’d definitely recommend adding Skye Jordan's Renegades series to your summer beach read list. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the series as book three, Ricochet, will be released on 14 July 2014.

Accidentally...Cimil?: An Accidentally Yours Novella by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Forever | ISBN 9781611943887 | $1.99 | Pub Date: Jan. 7, 2014
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If you’re a fan of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Accidentally Yours series, you know and may love (or hate) Cimil. This goddess of the underworld definitely does not leave anyone without an opinion. But is she truly evil? And what’s with the unicorns and the clowns? Well, if you’ve ever asked those questions as you’ve read books one through four, Accidentally...Cimil?: An Accidentally Yours Novella will fill in all the blanks. This hilarious and oh too short story gives Pamfiloff the deep background on Cimil that they’ve been dying for as well as deep belly laughs, a bit of hot sex, and definitely prepare us for the final book in the series, Accidentally...Over? (Accidentally Yours Book 5), to be released 26 August 2014. Before that date, I’d advise you to reread the entire series: Accidentally In Love With...A God? (Book 1), Accidentally Married to...A Vampire? (Book 2), Sun God Seeks...Surrogate? (Book 3), Accidentally...Evil? (Book 3.5), and Vampires Need Not...Apply? (Book 4). Just be prepared for friends and strangers to give you the fish eye as you burst into loud laughter. Pamfiloff is the mistress of paranormal romantic comedy and Accidentally Yours is the perfect read under the summer sun.

For Her Eyes Only by Shannon Curtis

Carina Press | ISBN 9781611943887313 | $3.99 | Pub Date: Nov. 4, 2013
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I really enjoyed Shannon CurtisFor Her Eyes Only, the third book in her McCormack Security Agency series. Yes, I love romantic suspense and in order to give this a fair review I absolutely HAD to read the previous two store sin this series, Viper's Kiss (Book 1) / Guarding Jess (Book 2), right? Well, that was my excuse anyway and soon I was happily immersed in some adrenaline-spiking, page-turning reads. I really enjoyed this series and For Her Eyes Only is filled with plot twists and suspects, as well as some steamy scenes. Ryan, the hero, an operative with McCormack Security is paired with a desk worker at the security agency, Vicky. They once shared a steamy kiss, but then Ryan beat a hasty retreat, now however they are undercover (in more ways than one) at a couples resort where some unsavory things seem to be taking place. I’d highly recommend you take a look at all three books in the series, but if not, this story does stand on its own. A fun summertime read when the days are hot, as the winter descriptions may help you cool off.

The Lightning Charmer by Kathryn Magendie

Bell Bridge Books | ISBN 9781426897 | $7.99 | Pub Date: Oct. 24, 2013
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I couldn’t resist this book as it combined a southern setting (deep in the Appalachian mountains) with a paranormal tinged romance. Laura, the heroine of Kathryn Magendie's The Lightning Charmer, is fascinating as her paranormal talent as a synesthete (seeing and tasting colors that are reflective of emotions, people, and objects)is not something that’s written about often. When she’s drawn back from New York City to her Appalachian mountain hometown and rediscovers a friend from childhood, Ayron, who is now a recluse. Magendie writes their story in a lyrical prose that is imbued with accent of the inhabitants of Appalachia. As in the south, there is no hurry to rush to finish this book, but each page is slowly savored. Sometimes a bit too slowly for this more fast-paced northerner, but absolutely perfect for the lazy, hazy days of summer.